Interview: Dylan Reynolds
Sep 2008 02

How old are you and why?
16, born in 92′

What got you started in film work?
Mike’s first video camera, Mini Matrix, etc.

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The Ian Report #420
Sep 2008 06

Some fun progress from the past few weeks;

Dolf is working hard on the Goose, Mike is working hard on rigging and animating a shot with the Red Exosuit, Paul modeled a landing pad, Ian Wilmoth converted his crazy complex model into Blender (and saved the UW maps!), Nate Taylor’s computer totally crashed and died and burst into flames and got sucked into the void, and I did some texturing on Paul’s police lifters and other models, and did some mad compositing over at Spiral Edit 1.

We’ve had a lot of guys having pretty busy schedules lately, so once those things clear up we’ll be seeing some checkpoints being obiterated . Most excellent.

On a rad note, we have some great new members to our team, to be announced next week! Running a bit behind schedule, but I think we can catch up! Also; I am quite hyped for the update from Branson and Jonathan? Yes, probably.

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

The Ian Report #421
Sep 2008 13

A good week!

A lot of busy folks; we’re all volunteers, so some of us have to take the paying gigs when they come—but good progress nonetheless!

I’d love to introduce our two new CG team members; Tracy Leong and Nathan Vegdahl, talented all! Tracy will be helping us with some valuable graphics work and Nathan’s possibly the best blender rigger on the planet?

I’m having a CG camp-in this weekend, just spending the whole weekend working with blender trying to finish up models and such. Nathan Vegdahl is with me, and he’s going to be doing a complete re-rigging of the Arizona Exosuit- thank goodness!

Phil and I met and discussed Reel 1, some very good critiques and ideas were tossed about, and work has begun on said changes!

I’m really getting more and more into where this film is going—it’s truly a collection of styles and moods that normally aren’t associated with sci-fi at all. I think it’ll be a rawther unique experience!

Until next time,

Ian Hubert
Writer Directer

Post-Production Audio: Update #5
Sep 2008 15

Post audio news: Saturday was tremendously fun. Josh Truax (Nebraska) joined us at the Spiral Production Center to record a few scenes with the Oma character played by The Four McCoys or as they are known in Halo LAN party circles, 4Mc (Michael, Kevin, Nathan and Phil McCoy).
Ed Walker was at the controls and recorded the 4Mc Clan. Nathan will take the 4Mc tracks and explore sonic treatments to blend them into a glorious new character for the film.
4Mc Logo

The Ian Report #422
Sep 2008 20

A fun week this week. I worked on implementing some changes discussed at a meeting last Thursday to Reel 1 (and almost finished them), including things like making sure shots are title-safe and fixing those pesky black levels.

Mike’s in the progress of making a cool animation of the exosuit being struck by Nebraska’s awesome mind-powers. It’s looking great. I’m learning more and more just how difficult good animation can be.

I spent a day working on the “Tower Scene”, in which Jerry shows Nebraska how to use his crazy alien powers whilst perched up in an old powerpole. It turned out much better than anticipated thanks, possibly, to an excessive number of light passes and good old Blender ambient occlusion.

Tracy is about to begin in an amazing journey of making slides for Canada’s reel, once I get him some info; I’m interested to see how they go.

I’m excited to see what will occur in this coming week! Peace!


Ian Hubert
Writer Directer

The Producer’s Report #47
Sep 2008 21

I spent a bit of time this weekend hooking up a BluRay burner to our edit system. The install went smoothly and the first test of this hardware was to burn a copy of Project London. It took about about 11 hours to compress the film and burn the disk. I then popped it into our BluRay set-top player for a test and was very pleased to see pristine hi-def images on my screen.

The thing I really want to tell you is, I am truly delighted with the film our volunteer army is creating. I wish I could show you all the amazing eye-candy that is coming together, but Ian, Nate and I have all agreed we are not going to reveal too much until we are really ready to create some excitement and buzz for the film. I hope you understand.

Big news: Branson is putting the final touches on the movie poster design. It’s strong, iconic, powerful and compelling. I can’t wait to put it to work.


Phil McCoy, Executive Producer
on behalf of Phil McCoy (right) and Nathan McCoy (left), Producer

The Ian Report #423
Sep 2008 27

This week has been, for me at least, a week of organizing! I’ve been going through every Premiere project we have (10 or so, each one with about ten scenes in it, all about 10 minutes long, to make the film more manageable to work with) and making sure everything is in order; no references to nonexistent files, no audio that’s not 48k, converting everything so it is, redirecting Premiere to the new files-

It’s been fun, actually.

The last bit of my day yesterday I spent laying different styles of music in under different scenes, just to experiment with how the vibe of the scene could be affected by the music. It was pretty interesting—scenes always get unintended nuances when combined with something as emotional as music. It’s one of my favorite things about film.

More and more of the scenes are falling under the “completed” category in terms of effects—even if the only effects needed are the contents of a video monitor in the background or somesuch.

Tomorrow I (and perhaps Phil) are going to be heading out to snag some of the last remaining images before the sun retreats behind the clouds for the year. It’ll be good to get those elements.

Till next week, peace!

Ian Hubert
Writer Directer