News Flash!
Nov 2008 08

I just got off the phone with Nate who just got off the phone with Dick’s Drive-in Restaurants who just gave us permission to use the Dick’s logo on the side of the Joint Command Tower! This is fantastic fun! Thank you Dick’s! We love you!

The Ian Report #429
Nov 2008 11

Hey all!

The work goes well. I’ve definitely been feeling a surge inside myself lately to get this film done VFX wise!

A lot of work has been going into the previously neglected portions of the film, such as the big “Escape from Joint Command!” sequence and the ending Icaria’s sequence. I’m trying to make it a point to finish a scene or section a day, if at all possible. Yesterday was the cockpit interior of Dominique’s lifter (with a lush interactive holographic display, a far cry from the Goose’s “Punch-activated” dashboard), with the day before being Arizona addressing his son via an immense video billboard.

Today I’ve spent looking at the big reels and trying to see which I could wrap up soon for handing over to the audio guys. I’m currently working on Reel 3 (scenes 24-38), which only needs a half dozen more shots or so before it’s done. A few of the shots require the Goose to be complete, but the timing is down, so we should be good to go soon!

A huge shout out to Paul this week. He’s been working on the Joint Command lobby and… wow. It’s so much more amazing than anything I had ever thought back when I wrote the script. I don’t want to give it away- but it’s pretty staggering.

Also? If I could do it all over? The only thing I’d change? I’d give Jeannine Clarke a broadsword to carry around for the whole movie. Strapped to her back.

Like this (above). Photo of Jeanine by Marc Studer (Phil added the sword later).


Ian Hubert
Writer Director

The Ian Report #430
Nov 2008 14

More progress! Goes well!

I’m working to get the original pictures of the helicopter we used for shooting mapped onto the Goose, a challenge which has long hung over me. I’m definitely going to have to have some other folks help out with this one.

Compositing work has begun on the lobby scene, putting in temporary background plates to make sure the angles are right and swapping them out with awesomely rendered finals. We’re going through the steps to perfect the lighting, and then we’ll begin work on the elaborate animation of the Boulderwake smashing through the front of the building.

I’ve been going through adding bits of grass and trees to scenes we shot with the Goose on a hangar, which are supposed to look like they’re exteriors. I recently went on a photo shoot to snag elements from various locations where it lands. It really increases the believability.

Ian Hubert
Writer, Director

The Producer’s Report #51
Nov 2008 19

Ian, Tasha, and I just returned from a perfect dinner at Dick’s Drive-in with Paul Spooner. As you may know, Paul drove up from sunny southern California about six weeks ago to work full time with Ian on various elements of animation. He is wrapping his trip up and heading south this weekend.

Paul, thanks for all your hard work. Nate, Ian and I really appreciate it.

We screened Project London version #5 for Dan Andrews and Paul the weekend before last. It was really fun. Dan was visiting (also from southern California) and joined Ian and Paul for a few days to churn out a few more scenes of scrubbed dialogue tracks before heading back home. Thank you Dan!


Just for grins, here’s a peek at our task management board. Every aspect of the project is tracked and managed using cards. If you are working on post-production, your progress on assignments is being tracked on this board. Once a week, Ian and Jen report on the status of all production activity and the board is updated. Pretty cool, huh?

Hey, if you have a moment, check out a couple new websites by two amazing artists. One is by Branson Anderson, and the other is by Geoffery Simmons. BTW, Geoffery is going to be elected into the American Equity Association on Tuesday November 25th. Congratulations Geoffery!


Phil McCoy, Executive Producer
on behalf of Nathan McCoy (left), Producer and Phil McCoy (right)

The Ian Report #431
Nov 2008 20

Another week, another update!

I’ve been working a lot with the Joint Command Lifter Fleet (modeled by Paul Spooner). It’s a big mass of unique lifters that hang around in the sky for the second half of the movie. It’s taking a bit of motion tracking and compositing work, but the scenes are turning out quite nicely.

In addition, this is also the last week Paul is spending up here in Seattle. He’s been up here the past few months working on the CG for the movie, and this Saturday he’s driving back down to his home in Southern California. Huge shout out to that guy! His work ethic and motivation are glorious. Thanks a ton, Paul

Dolf is working on doing some final complex texturing on the Goose body, and fixing up some rigging (including some of my nightmarish rigging- wahoo!). Nate is working on some animations for the Tankbots, Tracy is working on some slides, Nathan is finalizing some of Arizona’s rigging, Aaron worked on the massive slab, and Paul’s working on the demolition in the external lot-


This has also been a week of awesome revelations in regard to the climax of the movie- things I cannot say here! They are secrets, of course!

We are on the cusp!

Ian Hubert
Writer, Director

The Ian Report #432
Nov 2008 28

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving (Or… Thursday, if you’re outside of the States)!

As you all know, there comes a time in every man’s life where he must make the sweetest movie he is able. This is that time. For quite a few people. For now.

On another note, there’s something therapeutic for me about mechanical 3d modeling. I’ve been doing so much compositing and animating lately that I’d forgotten how relaxing it was to just sit down and model a massive hangar. Extruding, flipping, copying and pasting, texturing- so fun.

For the first time I can finally proclaim that work is now underway for every single remaining big sequence in the movie- a bit of trivia that is totally lifting my spirits. As long as we’re able to keep up work on all of these fronts, we’ll be golden!

And without further adieu (excuse me), I think I’ll get back to work!

Ian Hubert
Writer, Director