The Ian Report #433
Dec 2008 04

Things are going Fist-Pumpingly well!

Literally! A mere 30 seconds ago I just pumped my fist in the air and yelled “Yeah!” (Actually, spelled phonetically, it was more like “Uh!”, but “Yeah!” conveys the inflection better)

You see, some darn fool director decided it would be a good idea to have the protagonists wear sheer white tuxes. And so they did.

Funny thing about sheer white tuxes… they’re hard to light, hard to keep clean, and hard to key.

I’ve spent some time today working on a few long dreaded (Again, literally. I have been dreading keying this shot for a year and a half) full-body shots, with the protagonists running across our big, well-lit greenscreen stage. Why is this a problem? Well, when the light hits the green paint of the floor, the paint absorbs all of the visible light spectrum except for the green part, which it reflects back into the air. This is good. This is how we see. This is how not all light is converted into heat when it hits something. This is how life can exist in our Universe. Bravo, light!

What it also means is that there’s now a bunch of green light flying around our set, getting onto the actors, hitting their white tuxes (white, by the way, reflects all colors- which is why it’s white), and bouncing into the camera. Except that their tuxes now look green. This is called “green spill”, and it is nasty. Since green was the color I was going to have the computer automatically remove, leaving just the actors… it’s also going to remove their legs.

Normally this problem is easily avoided by lighting the greenscreen separately from the actors, but they’re running around on the darn thing! So yeah.

SO! How did I cope with such a difficulty? How did I overcome this insane odds?

I dunno… it just kinda worked. Really darn well. Surprisingly well. It wasn’t an issue.

Thus the fist pump.

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

Happy Holidays!
Dec 2008 11

Thank you to everyone contributing their time and talent to the creation of Project London. We wish you and yours all the very best now and through the new year.

Jen, Ian, Nathan, Phil

The Ian Report: Pain.
Dec 2008 12

This is the week of pain.

The week of figuring out why lots of things which should work decide not to work, for reasons which completely escape me.

I can’t wait for next week, which is scheduled as the “Week of Awesomeness where Everything Works™”.

Although I’m seeing Branson Saturday, so rock on!

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

The Ian Report #435: The Week of Awesome
Dec 2008 19

This is the week of awesome, and I’ve been snowed in for the past few days, so I’ve gotten some massive work done.

Dolf finished texturing the body of the Goose a couple days ago, and rigged up the whole thing beautifully. It renders like a dream (and pretty darn quickly, too!). I’m more than a little excited to start plugging this baby into the innumerable scenes it appears in.

Nate finished up an animation of the tankbots converting to “Wheeled-Mode” and rolling off, and it looks superb! I can’t wait to render it out.

See, the way it works is I render out shots over the course of the week, and then head over to the edit suite to do the compositing- but times like this, when I’m snowed in, I get a buildup of shots that need to be composited. I don’t really have a way to see shots over here after they render, short of frame by framing through the image preview (and the files are too large to play quickly anyway), so the anticipation of seeing how a shot came out after rendering is building.

Don’t worry, it’s not contageous.


Ian Hubert
Writer Director