The Ian Report #471 – Kung Fu Arizona!
Nov 2009 01

So I’ve been trying out my animation legs again… trying to animate some more of the final battle, and it’s going a lot better than expected! I was able to complete one of the more ambiguous parts of the fight, “Random Kung Fu Stuff”. Admittedly, it’s not actually “kung fu” at all… more them just bashing on each other—but hey! I dig it! Knowing that creating a full shot of Arizona and Subject C battling from scratch isn’t going to be total nightmare is a weight off my mind (so far, everything involving both Arizona and Subject C has been animated supremely by Mr. Veggie)!

Nate Taylor’s also animating stuff for the end; a crazy awesome backflip/land bit. It’s looking great, and I’m excited to get it in, since once it’s laid in I think the majority of the end of the battle will be done.

Gettin’ there!

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

Special Announcement – Half Acre Day
Nov 2009 01

As many of you know we have been very excited about the music of Half Acre Day. Today, we (Ian, Nate, Phil) proudly wear HADster mustaches to announce that we have reached an agreement in principle with the band to use their music in the movie and on a soundtrack CD.

Needless to say, we are over the moon, and have been since last Friday when I (Phil) received the good news. Ian’s first word was, “AAAAAAAAAAAAwesome!!!” and Nate sent me a note saying, “Woohoo! This is awesome[,] I am absolutely thrilled.” We have high hopes for our new partnership.

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Nov 2009 07

The Japanese Blender Party kicks off tonight in Osaka, Japan. You can see it online live, if you are up late.

We always start our meetings with “show and tell.” We look at the work completed during the week. This week was epic. Jen kicked it off playing dialogue tracks that had been synced and scrubbed by the audio guys. The tracks sounded great. The producers were ecstatic. Yes, they were ecstatic. Listening to scene 53, the Canada scene with a lot of exposition, we were overjoyed to hear it clearly for really, the first time. Ian peed his pants. Moving on. The visuals were off the chart. Ian needed a mop. We looked at shots animated by Ian and the two Nates (Taylor and Vegdahl) and believed we were looking at some of the best stuff yet to be put in the film. We are in love.

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The Ian Report #472 – The Week of Awesomeness!
Nov 2009 09

Ah! This is turning out to be a crazy awesome week.

I’m finally hitting an animation groove, where stuff is actually turning out how I want it to. Render, send to render farm, composite, repeat!

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The Producer’s Report #93 – Nathan Taylor is Awesome!
Nov 2009 14

Today I saw a shot that blows my mind. It’s an aerial POV of our epic monster with animation by the amazing Nathan Taylor. Wow. Stunning. We sensed Ray Harryhausen looking down and smiling.

Jen Forbes was in yesterday laying in the latest batch of scrubbed dialogue tracks. It was cool to finally hear Josh Truax (Nebraska) and Jen Page’s (Xing Xing) dialogue as they walked from the Goose into Icaria’s. I’m told that the remainder of dialogue tracks will be in the timelines by next weekend.

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The Ian Report #473 – Ian Loves Nate!
Nov 2009 15

These days, it’s literally enough to just look at the “Visual Effects Remaining Spreadsheet” to get myself pumped to keep going. Every task I look at just makes me go, “I can do that! I wanna do that right now!”—and I do!

We’re not so far off, now.

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The Ian Report #474 – Whack-a-Mole Time!
Nov 2009 19

Basically, excluding some radical ideas we’re throwing around regarding the beginning and ending, all the sequences are mostly complete. We’re at the proverbial “puzzle-piece” time, where it’s just a matter of going through, identifying scattered undone shots, finishing em, and popping em in.

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Nov 2009 21

Yes, those missles look so cool flying across the screen… a huge flock of missles. All the missles on the planet. Dolf, we love the look of those missles, thank you!

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Project London: The Most Ambitious No-Budget Effects Movie Ever? Yes!
Nov 2009 28

Ian Hubert is interviewed on The article is specifically friendly to Blender and Project London. Check it out!

Lunch with Captain Doug Pine
Nov 2009 30

We have been talking to Doug quite a bit lately after his harrowing experience with mutiny on the high seas. If you didn’t already know, Doug is a real ship captain who plays the captain of a floating restaurant in our film, Project London. Today, Doug took us (L to R: Doug, me, Ian, Nate) out to lunch at Hale’s Brewery in Fremont. Delicious food. Good conversation. Thanks Doug!