Half Acre Day Show! – 11 December 2009
Dec 2009 01

Half Acre Day, which is contributing a number of songs to Project London, has a show coming up on Friday, December 11th at Sunset in Ballard (Seattle). They will be performing a set at 10pm (approximately). Other bands appearing that night include Dept. of Energy, The Attic Graces, and Caleb Thompson. New HAD drummer, Dusty, was once in bands with some of the fellows in Dept. of Energy (Nevada Bachelors, Thistle) as well playing in Paul’s band Valu Pak.

Sunset: 5433 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, Washington 98107
Cost: $7 – 21+

The Ian Report #475 – Pedal to the Metal!
Dec 2009 02

Whew! That Thanksgiving was a doozy! I had four separate thanksgiving dinners, I think—nice to finally be back in the swing of things (and I have to admit, it’ll be nice to stop being perpetually stuffed).

I’m discovering all my best animating moments are total accidents. Weird results in the IPO curve that somehow result in the illusion of motivated movement;

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The Producer’s Report #95 – Holiday Progress
Dec 2009 05

It’s been two weeks since our last report. We celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday, ate lots of turkey and stuffing. And through it all we kept our shoulder to the stone, nudging it forward to make more progress on the film and related items.

Charla Grenz-Solheim has been working with us to write up “our story” and it’s coming together wonderfully.

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LunchBag Art is Cool!
Dec 2009 08

Jusk knocking around the Interweb, I stumbled accross Lunch Bag Art. This wonderful artist creates new artwork for his kids’ lunch bags every day. I thought it would be so cool to see Arizona on a lunch bag, I sent him an email asking about the possibility. 24 hours later, this illustration (below) was sent to me. And now it’s on his site. You can also find Lunch Bag Art on Facebook!

The Ian Report #476 – Depth and Displacement
Dec 2009 10

This week is… exactly like all the weeks of the last few months! Still animating the final battle, and things are looking great! I’m currently compositing a shot from Nate Taylor, involving giant beasts and big missiles.

I had to create a higher-res version of Subject C’s head for an extreme close up, which I was able to do by rendering out a still and a depth map, adding all the textures to the still, then using the depth map as a displacement map, which allows me to simulate head rotation (you had to be there).

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The Producer’s Report #96
Dec 2009 12

Last night at the Sunset, Half Acre Day played an epic set including all my favorite songs and a bunch of new songs destined to be new favorites. Great fun. This morning we listened to a few more tracks from Ed and Dan. We are winding down with syncing and scrubbing dialogue, really in fact, it’s basically done. I’m now very anxious to get the ADR tracks into the timeline.

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The Ian Report #477 – The harder they come…
Dec 2009 17

Nate Taylor and I are tackling the hardest shots left in the movie—based on our estimates. After this, it’s all downhill (is that the right word choice? I don’t think it’s the right wordchoice).

One side effect of nearing the end is that the shot locations are now so scattered about that I almost always have to set up the entire scene for it, and lug up old elements and put them in place—as opposed to when I’m working on a whole sequence and can just streamline the ending of one shot into the beginning of the next.

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Happy Holidays! 2010 is going to be a big year for Project London!
Dec 2009 19

Thank you everyone for your support. We are looking forward to 2010 as the year that Project London is unleashed on an unsuspecting planet. To prepare ourselves for the onslaught, and to enjoy a bit of the holidays, we’re going to take a break from blogging through the holidays.

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The Producer’s Report #97 – One Big Fail
Dec 2009 19

This week smelled like something that had been dead for about three and a half years. Lie. I was utterly repulsed by what I saw today, and I no longer have any faith in this project. Lie. I wish to assault physically the last three years. But that’s an intangible object. So I’m taking it to the streets. Lie.

Hey, just shaking it up a bit today. The truth is, I’m “over the moon” about all that’s happening.

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