The Ian Report #478 – Welcome Aboard Benjamin Baily
Jan 2010 08

Soooooo- we’re back!

Not that we ever stopped working…
We’re getting very close to the end—I can almost taste it.

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The Producer’s Report #98 – 2010 The Year of the Tiger
Jan 2010 09

Nate is pumped for 2010. The year of release. We are in the count down to wrapping VFX, securing picture lock and launching sound design. We will have announcements soon about the status of the graphic novel and an opportunity for you to earn a credit in the film. Yes! 2010 is going to be a great year.

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Not 2010 or After!
Jan 2010 09

Not too long ago, well really, quite a long time ago, we sat down and talked about the fact that the visual effects were taking a lot longer than we had originally anticipated. At that point, we decided to get hardcore and really buckle down to get things done – you can see what we committed to on an actual index card that we posted on our planning board in November, 2008.

Well – as you can see, we didn’t quite meet this goal. The ride has been bumpy but it’s been intense. We now see the light at the end of the tunnel and we are stoked to complete Project London in 2010! I just want to personally thank everyone for sticking with us – it has required an incredible amount of patience. I know that you’ll be stunned when you see this – as my brother often says, it will truly rip your face off.

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The Ian Report #479 – Blood!
Jan 2010 14

This week is the epitome of all previous weeks, with one exception: blood.

This is the week of blood!

Blood flying out of people’s backs! Blood splurting out of their chests to splat on the ground! Blood splurting around like people stomping on ketchup packets! ‘Blood steam’ rising up in the air from the wounds! There hasn’t been a single bit of blood in all the rest of the movie—then bam! Blood town! Population: This Week! Blood oozing in cracks, and oozing down backs, there’s blood and there’s guts, and it’s all goin’ nuts!

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The Producer’s Report #99 – Scrub My Eyes
Jan 2010 16

I have seen the blood of the ages smeared accross the tarmac of the Port of Seattle (o my soul). Will I recover from this? No. I don’t think so. Will I have taquitos for lunch? Do you sense the ghost of Ian Hubert illuminating my prose? No. We saw some very cool things this week. Done.

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The Ian Report #480 – Mechanical Bulls and Digital Doubles
Jan 2010 21

So… the digital double work in this film has been an interesting process [for those who don't know, a digital double is a computer generated replica of a character in the movie, used to do stuff that we couldn't get footage of]. At first, I was planning on keeping it nice and simple and just doing it with animated stills (putting a little person in a background cockpit, stuff like that), but as time went on it became more obvious that we were going to need to step it up.

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The Producer’s Report #100
Jan 2010 23

We are exceptionally charged up about the progress Ian and the post-production team has made to complete the remaining shots on the VFX list. There are now less than 20 to do! Amazing! As soon as these are finished, you are going to see a readjustment of the numbers and dates because we have decided to do some significant rework on the opening act of the film. This rework involves creating a short animated segment to help the audience enter the world of Project London. Stay tuned!

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The Ian Report #481 – Exciting Beyond All Comprehension!
Jan 2010 28

Staring at the Excel spreadsheet of all remaining tasks, I’m noticing that over half of them are labeled as “IN PROGRESS”—meaning that if I can complete all ‘IN PROGRESS’ shots this week, I’ll have done over half the work remaining on the VFX list.

Meaning it might only take a week from this Saturday to finish the sheet.

This is exciting beyond all comprehension. After 2 and a half years, the VFX could finally be done!

However; it’s not as simple as all that! For there are other things to be done afterward!

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The Producer’s Report #101 – Breath Deep The Heady Fumes of Dogface
Jan 2010 30

Yesterday, I took a little bit of time to listen to the sounds of animals breathing. Sound design is almost upon us and we are uber pleased with the opportunities we are developing to complete this most important aspect in a timely fashion.

Here are the stats:
Status of Visual Effects (VFX) Shots:
Number remaining: 11!!! (LESS THAN 15 Ayeee!!)
Number in progress: 18
Number completed: 610
Percentage remaining: 1.8% Excelsior!
Total VFX: 650 (a bunch were completed before we started tracking them)

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