The Project London Graphic Novel Moves Forward!
Feb 2010 03

Nate, Ian and I recently reviewed Branson Anderson’s mockup for the Project London Graphic Novel and it is breathtaking. Branson has effectively re-imagined the entire Project London Universe and created a brand new experience based on Ian’s screenplay. I believe it will rip your face off. For more information, visit the Official Movie Site.

Phil McCoy
Executive Producer
Spiral Productions LLC

The Ian Report #482 – Momentum
Feb 2010 04

As always, every day that goes by is a day closer to release, and rarely has it felt so palpable!

I’d always assumed that once I neared the end I’d get a crazy second wind (or… 52nd wind), and finish it at a sprint like in a junior high cross-country meet—instead it’s the opposite. I’m finding keeping my momentum up to be more and more difficult. I’m still goin’ at it at the same rate, it’s just not as magically effortless as I’d hoped. Talking with other folks, it sounds like this is a pretty common occurrence with big projects. Probably some crazy psychological child-rearing thing, like, ‘Let them grow up and be free” just before they become an actual honest-to-goodness-interesting adult.

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The Producer’s Report #102 – Feelin’ Satisfied
Feb 2010 07

Here’s Josh Truax as Nebraska Higgins looking like he owns the world during his interrogation by Joint Command Officers. We are feeling some of that same smugitude as we close in on finishing the estimated VFX list, and that will basically happen this week. Pretty cool. Next, we are working on a revision to the opening reel that will constitute a new animated sequence concocted by Ian and Nate Tayler to quickly introduce our audience to the world and characters of Project London.

The team assembled to work on this new sequence include Benjamin Bailey,

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The Ian Report #483 – Bank Jobs & Getaway Cars
Feb 2010 11

As always, every day that goes by is a day closer to release, and rarely has it felt so palpable! Well, we may have just gotten bad news regarding sound
design, my landlady says she’s going to kick half of us out, and it’s raining like a soggy dog.

But beyond that everything’s fantastic! I can literally count the number of remaining shots on one hand. It’ll be interesting to watch the film over and see if there are any shots that we forgot about. I’m currently tackling a scene I’ve done twice before, but was never re

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The Producer’s Report #103 – One VFX Shot Remains!
Feb 2010 13

The image of The Goose above, is from the collection of shots that Ian brought to todays management meeting. Among the many shots completed were a wonderful sequence of “holographic” vids that have been composited into the Nebraska Higgins interrogation scenes. There is also a fabulous scene with John Fantasia (Chicago) and Andy Evans (Nicola) where all the command center screens are taken over by a huge burst of “potential” in the climactic end moments of the film. We believed that we would be able to announce the completion of our VFX list today, but there is still one shot left to do. So next week…

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The Ian Report #484 – Whelp!
Feb 2010 18

Whelp! Nate Taylor’s almost done animating the final shot on the VFX list! It’s looking pretty great!

I’ve been working hard on getting the storyboards set up for the animated intro/outtro. I’m spending a bit more time on it than anticipated, but I’m also arranging everything in 3D space and doing as much compositing as possible, so that when we get the final elements we can just switch ‘em out lickety-split and re-render.

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Half Acre Day’s “Skeletons” Are Out!
Feb 2010 18

Seattle rock quintet and best friend’s of Project London, Half Acre Day’s “Skeletons” are out as of Feb. 14 – the Lunar New Year 4707 and dawning of the year of the striped big cat. Come and listen to the song. Then let them know what you think.

This is just the beginning. The band is releasing a single every month for the coming lunar year. Stay in the loop on the release cycle. Friend them.

The Producer’s Report #104 – One Shot Remaining!
Feb 2010 20

For those paying close attention, this is the same Producer’s Report title as last week. But don’t worry, our productivity has not flagged, instead, while Nathan Taylor and Ian continued to fine tune the one remaining VFX shot on the list, Ian dived completely into the new animation sequence to open the film. Ian showed us the 28 shots completed on the animation this morning and it is completely epic. Trust us.

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The Ian Report #485 – Hurrah!
Feb 2010 25

Occasionally I feel like a broken record, but Nate Taylor has yet again delivered a pretty mind-boggling animation. I wish you could see it—so that you could understand I’m not just always saying this—I really do. The physics and kinetic energy are just fantastic. Also, it’s rendering out really well! Did I mention that this is the last shot? Or possibly last shot? That is on our list? Exciting!

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The Producer’s Report #105 – Huzzah!
Feb 2010 27

It’s done! It’s done! The VFX list is finally done. Now on to more fun. We still have a lot of work to do including picture lock and sound design. Really fun stuff. The photo above features Half Acre Day at the final review for the mix on Multiply, their sizzling new track that will be featured in Project London as well as the new teaser clip that will be released soon. (L to R) Matt, Matt, Brin (mixer), Dusty, Paul. Love you guys. (Missed you Marty.)

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