The Ian Report #486 – “Exosuit” The Novella
Mar 2010 04

Just recorded two more outstanding vocal performances from Jen Page and Jeannine Clarke this evening. We got some great stuff, which has already been plugged into the animation timeline. Yesterday we had a recording session with Michael Donovan and Josh Truax, recorded by the talented Justin Faylona. These are going to be some great new additions to the film, and it was awesome seeing all those folks again! I can’t wait for us all to be able to watch the movie.

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The Producer’s Report #106 Reel 10 Rocks!
Mar 2010 06

Today we watched the whole ending reel again with everything laid in there including the new animated closing scene (see frame above). It was beautiful. Then we talked about our plans for picture lock. Ian is going to go through the entire film on Monday and prepare it for the producer review. From there we plan to show it to a select group to confirm that the story works and that this is the film we are going to release for sound design. It’s very exciting.

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The Ian Report #487 – Beta Fish
Mar 2010 11

So the last few days I’ve driven over to the edit suite and watched over the movie, making tweaks and throwing in last minute shots. If all goes according to plan then by the time you read this the film will be as close to picture lock as I can get it. At some point—perhaps even later today?—Phil is going to be making a disc for him and Nathan to look over the movie in its entirety, for final comments.

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The Producer’s Report #107 – Oceanic Exploration is a Great Idea!
Mar 2010 13

Today, Ian delivered the movie for Nate and I to review. We are really excited to see this because we know this version of the film is completely head and shoulders above the versions we have looked at to this point. You probably know that the story is found three times through the process of making a film… when the story is written, during production, and then again in post. For the first time we are going to see the entire story, from end to end, with the VFX cut to Ian’s vision for Project London. Can’t wait.

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Multiply from the Project London Soundtrack!
Mar 2010 14

Multiply the second “Lunar Singles” release by Half Acre Day hits the radio waves March 15 and will also soon be available globally on iTunes and a number of other services (see the list below). This is the first of two versions of the song, appearing exclusively on the Project London Soundtrack.

And guess what!? We are officially within days of releasing a new teaser clip featuring the Project London Mix of Multiply!

The Ian Report #488
Mar 2010 18

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past couple weeks looking over the film in it’s entirety, and it’s been a reassuring experience. I significantly tweaked the edits of about a half-dozen scenes, eliminating unnecessary lines that just kinda bogged everything down, but that I’d been too close to the film to trim out when I did the initial edit over two years ago. A couple of these changes may be reversed after the producer review… but regardless, it feels good to have chopped off some of that fat.

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The Producer’s Report #108 – New Teaser Tuesday!
Mar 2010 21

Our regular Saturday management meeting was moved to Sunday this week to accommodate busy schedules and allow more time to finish work on the new teaser clip and review Project London with all of the visual effects in place. Today’s meeting was a good one. We put all 10 reels together and watched it end to end.

Nate’s comments, The film is completely amazing; seeing it with all visual effects is a stunning and wonderful experience! The teaser clip will knock your socks off.”
The new Multiply Teaser Clip, featuing exclusive music by Half Acre Day, will premiere this Tuesday morning at

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Here’s a new teaser featuring the song, “Multiply” performed by Half Acre Day. This clip explores the world of Project London and introduces the opposing forces, Joint Command and The London Underground. We recommend playing this clip with your volume control turned way up. Multiply is now available at a number of music services including globally on iTunes. Visit the Project London Store to purchase DVD and Blu-ray discs, the Soundtrack Album and other merchandise.

Mar 2010 25

So! Not to be presumptuous, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume that if you’re reading this update, you’ve also already seen the new Multiply Teaser! If not… you should check it out! The response so far has been pretty darn good. In the words of my cousin Josh Breen sitting next to me, “It’s no Willy Bear, but it will do”.

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Project London on Quiet Earth!
Mar 2010 26

The fans of strange sound and vision have posted a writeup about Project London on their site, Quiet Earth. Check it out! Also, you can see this and all the other news articles appearing about Project London on the NEWS page at the official movie website.

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