The Ian Report #490 – “Bullets! BULLETS! EXPLOSION! STOP! YOU’RE FALLING!”
Apr 2010 01

Going back and watching some old raw footage, I’m realizing my method of directing basically consisted of screaming out whatever is about to kill the characters. It’s actually pretty rad.

I have a list of 24 things I need to change in the film before the next version is done, and they’re going surprisingly quickly! Just a half dozen or so left and it’s good! I’ve told everyone I’ll have it down by this Wednesday- and I better!

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The Producer’s Report #110 – Scream & Scream Again
Apr 2010 03

This is another great photo by Marc Studer featuring Jen Page (Xing Xing Fix) and Josh Truax (Nebraska Higgins). The photo was shot at the Lyon’s Den in Bothell, WA, (USA) which served as the set for the Western Palm a swinging night spot where The Prawn’s were filmed performing their hit, “Tell Me”. Tom Hall is currently working on the mix for the soundtrack album version of the song.

Ian, Nate and I are just now finishing our Saturday management meeting and the last discussion of the day was whether or not to try and work the Wilhelm scream into the Project London Soundtrack. What do you think we should do? Check out this compilation.

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The Ian Report #491 – Sound Design & Picture Lock!
Apr 2010 08

(L to R: Barry Gegg, DP; Dion LaBlue, AC; Ian Hubert, photo by Phil McCoy using Barry’s camera)

Ah! Good news all around. Tomorrow I’m going in to finalize what hopefully will be the last of the shots for the next showing version. This will be the version we show to a few folks so we can get final thoughts on story and such, implement em, then BAM! Picture lock (final visual edit)!

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The Producer’s Report #111 – Awareness
Apr 2010 10

(Josh Truax as Nebraska Higgins, shot by Barry Gregg during a pickup day where we shot a brand new scene for the middle of the movie and augmented shots for the completely epic final battle.)

The Project London “Awareness” news release, dated March 23, 2010 unveiled our all volunteer, almost no budget movie to the world. It was sent to numerous movie news outlets, popular culture and science-fiction & fantasy blog sites.

As of this writing there are now:

52 known news reports/blog posts featuring the movie

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The Ian Report #492 – 789 is a Magic Number
Apr 2010 15

(A screen capture from Project London showing The Goose landing at Icaria’s floating restaurant.)

AH! We’ve been meeting with sound design guys this week—I AM SO PUMPED! These guys are brilliant! And I’m not just saying this! I was uncertain about how this was all going to go down; uncertainty has turned to pumped-itude! -More on this later, once we get the team all together!

So… I just counted. The opening reel (that is, the first 9 minutes of the film) has 140 VFX shots. That’s 15 per minute, or one VFX shot every 4 seconds. For 9 minutes.

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The Producer’s Report #112 – Simple Math
Apr 2010 17

Things are starting to add up. It’s really true, we are in the home stretch. But the work to cross the finish line is still very significant. Today, we screened Project London for a group of local filmmakers and select crew members including the new Sound Design Team at the Grand Illusion Cinema in the U District.

It was a fantastic experience to see Project London projected on a big screen. It gave me a chance to see this movie that we’ve been staring at for such a long time with new eyes.

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Thank You J.A. Forbes
Apr 2010 21

Jen Forbes, basically the glue that held us together during production, is leaving the Project London Team to move and pursue her career in another state, Nebraska. Jen let me know just a couple days ago that she accepted a job…

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The Ian Report #493 – The Grand Illusion
Apr 2010 23

So Saturday got me totally pumped for the future. Some local filmmakers and the sound design team attended a screening at the Grand Illusion Cinema, and it went smashingly. We got some very useful feedback, and I’ve assembled all the collected input into a list, and just looking it over it’s becoming obvious that we’re really going to be able to take this film to a new and better level.

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The Ian Report #494 – Wishin’ n Hopin’
Apr 2010 29

Here’s hopin’ the DVD exporting works! We’ve been having a nightmare of a time trying to create a standard definition DVD of the entire film—but Scott Gwin swung by yesterday evening and helped us get it all sorted out! At least, I hope it’s all sorted out. There are way too many variables, man! Regardless; MASSIVE THANKS to Mr. Gwin! He’s helped us out of a pit more than once!

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