The Ian Report #498 – Eureka!
Jun 2010 04

We had a revelation.

See, the movie has a main plot, and a subplot. The main plot is awesome, and involves giant robots and spaceships and lasers and things trying to eat the planet. The subplot has talking and crying and people and angst and sleeping. We eliminated one of them.

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The Ian Report #499
Jun 2010 11

Ahhh, ah yes! Perfect! Yes, let’s have another day of rain.

So we had a scare this week. It was a very good scare! But I’ll tell you about it next week!

Things are happening with the sound design team! Tons of new ideas are flying around, and some fantastic brainstorming is going down! The collective pool of audio knowledge in this group is fantastic. I posted a bunch of clips from the film with breakdowns of the sounds of all the main sound-design elements in the film, and a few folks are

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The Producer’s Report #116 – Edit System Go Boom
Jun 2010 19

Ian hinted at this in his last post, number 499. We had a scare. The RAID on the Project London edit system went bad. Then we were shown the blue screen of death. Not fun. But, thankfully… I mean REALLY THANKFULLY, Nate had instituted a policy of backing up the movie on external hard drives…

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The Ian Report #500 – Hats & Spell Check
Jun 2010 24

So, you’ve probably read about our pickup shoot this Friday, and all indications are still that it’ll happen smashingly. It’s always exciting. I’ve been trying to milk every bit I can out of every asset we’ve captured, and a chance to capture more raw assets is great. Mostly I’m just excited at the promise of picture lock for the sound team. I’ll say more after the actual shoot!

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The Producer’s Report #117 – Production Day 23
Jun 2010 26

(Michael Donovan and Ian Hubert, photography by Barry Gregg)

Yesterday, we completed a pickup shoot, our Day 23 of production. Michael Donovan (Arizona) and Jen Page (Xing Xing Fix) performed in new scenes that will appear in the first act of the movie. Many thanks to Barry Gregg (DP), Dave…

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