The Ian Report #501 – Christmas in July!
Jul 2010 01

On an unrelated note, I just swung by my folk’s place—and there’s a closet here full of the stuff I never moved out! And a lot of it is awesome! Boxes of it! Gaffers tape, a clown mask, Commodore 64, ugly T-shirts, friend’s Wacom tablet they’ve been asking me to return… This is like a rad surprise Christmas!

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The Ian Report #502 – Heat Wave!
Jul 2010 08

Whew! Today was a scorcher, and they’re thinking even moreso tomorrow!

The the edit system is almost fixed, which is awesome news. Phil’s re-installed a billion plug-ins and programs on the machine; now all that’s left is the installation of the RAID 5 card. There are a bunch of new shots which, when laid in, will hopefully result in a next version of the film. I used to think that when I finished the last VFX shot,

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The Ian Report #503 – RAID!
Jul 2010 16

So… the new RAID system ended up being faulty, but it’s being replaced, and everything should be back on its feet Friday.

There’s been cool news in other fronts, though. Nate Taylor just sent me an animation of Arizona landing at

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The Producer’s Report #118 – Just the Stats
Jul 2010 17

On April 10th of this year, we published the first statistical report about our fan base. Today, we are updating the report and measuring our growth. Check it out.

As of this writing there are now:


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The Ian Report #504 – RAID 2!
Jul 2010 23

So the second RAID system installed was also faulty, so we still don’t have our edit system back… The good news is that we’ve had plenty of time to set up a plan for when it’s finally back online.

We’re gonna be starting a new meeting every Monday, where we listen to the work submitted by the sound team against picture, and talk about it. I think it’s a good idea. Some of the hardest parts about having a large group of sound designers we’re mostly interacting with via email are 1.) keeping them involved in the process, so there’s a back and forth of ideas and

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The Producer’s Report #119 – Say Hello To Steve.
Jul 2010 24

I am pleased to announce that Steve Rimpici has been cast to re-voice the character of Oma. It was a tough choice, there were a lot of interested individuals and many good auditions were sent to us. But Ian heard something in …

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The Ian Report #505 – Goodness!
Jul 2010 29

So the wonderful and talented Steve Rimpici is going to be the voice of Oma. I talked with him tonight and he has some great ideas on directions the voice should go. He sent me a six minute clip of various voice concepts, and I’m having a blast going over them all. It’s actually pretty surreal (in a good way); I’m listening to them in headphones in a dark room. Almost hypnotizing.

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The Producer’s Report #120 – Sound for Picture!
Jul 2010 31

This morning we (Ian, Nate, and I) listened to the collection of “signature sound” submissions created by the sound design team. Lead Sound Editor, Simon Jeker was with us, and Mike Meyer would have been with us too, if his…

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