The Ian Report #506 – Skype Magic
Aug 2010 05

So! Steve Rimpici and I are having a recording session this evening, getting the Oma dialogue. He’s recording himself over in New York, and I’m going to be able to hear him via Skype, which is a pretty rad setup.

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The Producer’s Report #121 – The Saga Continues…
Aug 2010 07

The Spiral Productions Edit System is back up and running, Project London media has been restored and Ian is going through all the edit timelines checking for missing media and broken links. We are probably just a day or two away from being able to start a new backup (it takes about 21 hours to backup…

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The Ian Report #507 – Version 14!
Aug 2010 14

I remember when we started editing the film, back in the fall of 2007, looking at massive swaths of white text, saying what crazy VFX would be put there later. I remember looking at these spaces, wondering what it would look like when it was done. For a lot of it, I had no idea what it was going to look like. I didn’t even know what the designs would be; I just knew it could be done…

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The Producer’s Report #122 – Test Screening This Saturday!
Aug 2010 15

(The composited image above is from a new scene featuring Michael Donovan and Jen Page.)

Yesterday morning, Ian, Nate and I reviewed the current state of Project London version 14. I was totally blown away by the work Ian and his team…

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The Ian Report #508 – Good News & Bad News
Aug 2010 23

So. So so so so. Good news and bad news. Phil, Nathan, and I watched the new edit of the film last Saturday, and all got pretty pumped. I know I’ve said it (several times) before, but it’s an entirely different film now. I’ll admit; the previous…

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