The Ian Report #509 – Better News!
Sep 2010 02

So! Our big problem was, at its most basic, that we couldn’t get the film out of the computer. You wouldn’t exactly think that would be a problem, but it can be surprisingly difficult. It wouldn’t be a problem at all if our plans with the film were just to…

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The Ian Report #510 – Shiny Little Disk
Sep 2010 09

So the day is finally here! A day. I guess not THE day. That’s something else. We tried doing a second screening a few weeks (a month!?) ago, but had to stop when we couldn’t get the film out of the computer. Now, however, success! The film is on a…

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The Producer’s Report #123 – First Sound Design Team Meetup
Sep 2010 10

(L to R: Director, Ian Hubert; Paul Miller; Brendan Hogan, back; Mike Meyer, forward; Michael Martz; Brad Notman, we like his shirt a lot; Trevor Dutton; Simon Jeker; Laura Edenfield)

Tonight at the Lyon’s Den (also used as…

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The Producer’s Report #124 – Extra! Extra! v.14 Screening Success!
Sep 2010 11

Just seven hours ago this group of people got to see and review Project London v.14. It was exhilarating to see this version of the movie projected and to see how far we have come in our ability to manage the narrative. The discussion…

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The Ian Report #511 – Fallout From The Screening
Sep 2010 16

The screening went swimmingly! There was a great turnout, and the response was quite positive. I think a lot of folks were kind of blown away by the changes between version 13 an 14. What I think is interesting is that each screening version sets a…

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The Producer’s Report #125 – The Path to Picture Lock
Sep 2010 18

Ian, Nate and I met this morning to review the input we collected from the v.14 test screening. It was a great discussion and we made a lot of decisions about what we want to do to achieve picture lock. Some of the ideas that people suggested were amazing and we’re looking at how we…

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The Ian Report #512 – Feedback, ack, ack!
Sep 2010 23

Feedback and thoughts of all different varieties are still trickling in from the test screening a couple weeks ago. There are some totally brilliant suggestions, and we’re currently weighing the pros of the ideas against the cons of the work it’ll take to…

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The Producer’s Report #126 – Three Things
Sep 2010 25

Three pieces of news:

ONE: Thank you to Anton Urban, Phil Rogan, and Soren Laulainen for their breakthrough ideas. These guys have gone above and beyond the conversation and surveys following …

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Sep 2010 30

My goal for this week is a simple one: take the ideas and plans I like, collected from the screening and various brainstorms and put them into the time line, so I can watch the whole thing and see if it works at all. The goal is simple. Pulling it off is tricky. Even if I have a bit of exposition I want to slide into the film, and have a perfect place for it, making sure it’s in character for someone to say it, and having them say it without it being like, “Hey! Here’s this thing I’m…

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