The Producer’s Report #127 – Offical Countdown to Picture Lock Begins
Oct 2010 02

Today at our weekly management meeting, Ian presented Project London v.15 to the Producers. It incorporated new solutions to address the key story problems we detected at the last two screenings. We now believe we have the film we want to finish in hand. Ian is using the coming week to finalize the necessary script elements needed to record new voice overs for Oma, Nebraska and Chicago, and a reshoot of the “Arizona speaks from the dead” speech. There are also several new visual effects to…

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Oct 2010 08

Last week I made a mock-up version of Version 15, which looks like it’ll be the final version of the film! It includes a bunch of new changes involving plot-twists and edit tweaks. The producers and I watched it last Saturday, and talked over some of the changes, and we’re all feeling really good about it. It has some seriously huge alterations, story wise, but the actual amount of new work that has to be done is minimal, just a few(ish) shots. This week I’m trying to get us as…

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Oct 2010 15

Last week I made a mock-up version of Version 15, which looks like it’ll be the final version of the film! And so it goes! Progress is still, as always, being made towards picture lock. The goal was to have it as soon as next Saturday (possibly!), but it requires a single (and final!) simple re-shoot. However, the one actor involved in the re-shoot isn’t available for a couple more weeks! I’m going to be shooting a temp version of the scene tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m working on…

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The Producer’s Report #128 – Picture Lock-ish!
Oct 2010 18

We are soooo close to PICTURE LOCK it is palpable. It feels like we are moving in super slowmo, but we are moving as fast as we can. Picture Lock is inevitable. Now just days away. Stay tuned!

So while we wait, let’s update our fan stats from July 17.

As of this writing there are now:

61 (+0%) known news reports/blog posts featuring…

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The Producer’s Report #129 – It’s Locked!
Oct 2010 26

Ladies and Gentlement, as of 26 October 2010, 2:27pm, we have PICTURE LOCK!

Yes! It’s locked except for two scenes: 1) Arizona from the Dead Speech and 2) Xing’s
Treasure Map VO. Ian is working with all parties concerned to get these
items scheduled and done as quickly as…

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The Ian Report #516 – PICTURE LOCK!
Oct 2010 29

So! We (almost completely) have picture lock! That is, we’re going ahead and operating as if we do, since barring only two single instances in the film, the entire thing is locked down. This is a HUGE milestone. It means we finally have the…

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