Nov 2010 04

Last night we recorded some final VO lines from Jen Page over at Ed Walker’s house, and they turned out great! I haven’t seen either of them in a while, so it was a treat. I’m going to start the stylized animation work for the voice over, and then hopefully we’ll have a new finished scene! I just read the new epilogue for the Project London novel, and it blew me away. I’ve enjoyed everything I’d read in it so far, but that ending is awesome! Man! Pretty great stuff. I’m about to go…

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Nov 2010 12

So I turned 23 this week. I remember working on this film back when I turned 19. Amazing! We posted a video update that turned out pretty well! Those are a blast to make; I sit in front of a screen and say stuff, and Phil makes it look like I’m a coherent human being, which is fantastic (and difficult!)! We’re selling hats, now, made by Count Gilbert. You can check them out at …

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The Ian Report #519 – Making Some Noise!
Nov 2010 18

I had a meeting with Mike Meyer today, and we went over all of the first reel listing out all the sound cues and their timecode. It looks like it actually may not be quite as insurmountable a task as I’d thought; a lot of the sounds can be used repeatedly, and the overall number of sounds really isn’t quite as diverse as I’d thought, which is good.

We have picture lock on everything (except… 1 shot), but a few shots are still just temp storyboards and all that, so they’re the…

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The Ian Report #520 – Be Well!
Nov 2010 25

Whew! What a day! Woke up with a flu (probably!?) so bad I could barely stand. After a process of napping (I calculate 18 hours total) and waking up to get more water, I’m now back to 95% full health (this is an estimate)! Which is good! Because I would like to eat some food on Thanksgiving!

Okay. So awesome thing number one: Half Acre Day is working on writing a song for Project London, and I was able to hear the demo this week. It is crazy…

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