The Producer’s Report #131 – Final Last Pickup Shoot: Officially Done!
Feb 2011 02

The last pickup shoot officially wrapped a few minutes ago. Seen here in this photo (L to R): Barry Gregg (DP), Ian Hubert (Writer Director) and Michael Donovan (Arizona). Not pictured, Brad Notman (Sound).

Finally! Done! Thank you Barry,…

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The Ian Report #529 – Bam! We did it!
Feb 2011 04

BAM! The last shot of the movie is in the can. We did it.
We all met at Phil’s house with Michael Donovan acting, Barry Gregg DP’ing, Brad Notman Sound Recording, and I Directing. Everyone did a totally fantastic job! It was great seeing all those folks again, and having more time than we needed to…

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The Ian Report #530
Feb 2011 10

Mmmm. I love getting up early and watching the day start. Except that usually it is an accident.

More progress is being done on all the rad stuff from last week! Branson just submitted what I believe is the final version of the …

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The Producer’s Report #132 – Bryan Hubert & The ECC
Feb 2011 12

Bryan Hubert, Ian’s dad, is joining the Sound Design Team as Lead Sound Editor! Bryan is a long time audio aficionado as seen in the photo above left, appreciating Ian’s early warbling. Fast forward to the picture above right, and we can see the father son team as solidly bonded and unaware of their future sonic collaboration…

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The Ian Report #531 – Here It Comes!
Feb 2011 17

We’ve gotten our first shipment confirmation from the printer! The Emerald City Comicon editions of Project Manhattan are on their way!

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The Producer’s Report #133 – The Project London Universe Shines Bright
Feb 2011 19

The Emerald City Comicon is the Premier Comic Book & Pop Culture Convention in the Pacific Northwest and the perfect place for Spiral Productions to debut a graphic novel and prequel novella from the Project London Universe, a new Project…

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The Ian Report #532 – Seven Hundred Seventy Four
Feb 2011 24

Hey hey! We have internet! Just moved into a new place, and getting everything all going has been a small trial.

I finished counting all the VFX shots in the movie an hour ago: 774! [Editor’s note: The original number of VFX in the movie was 789, but that was in v.13. Since we cut a ton out to make v.15, the…

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The Producer’s Report #134 – One Week Away!
Feb 2011 26

The Emerald City Comicon is next weekend and if you haven’t already bought your tickets, do it now and save money over buying them at the door. We are making our final…

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The Producer’s Report #135 – Just Stats
Feb 2011 26

It’s been a while since we last updated our fan stats; October 18, 2010 to be exact.

As of this writing there are now:

62 (+1.5%) known news reports/blog posts featuring the movie or one or all of the Project London teaser clips
937 (+60%) fans following Project London on…

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