Director Update: 536 – The Sound!
May 2011 01

AH! So much has happened!

The sound for the film is coming together right before my eyes! Just yesterday I laid new tracks from Paul, Trevor, and Brian into the final reel, and HOLY COW it’s an entirely different experience. Punchy and rich and way more engaging. It’s great seeing little sound ideas…

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The Producer’s Report #140 – Dirty Do Gooders!
May 2011 04

I love this frame grab. It’s the result of a LOT of hard work done by a lot of people over a significant period of time. The foreground features Josh Truax (Nebraska Higgins) and Branson Anderson (Jerry) filmed in an Everett airpline hanger in August of…

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The Producer’s Report #140 – Sweet Find!
May 2011 15

Yesterday morning’s Sound Design Review Meeting was FANTASTIC! Scott Burnett, soundtrack/score producer, was in attendance along with Wesley Slover, musician/artist. Nate, Ian and I listened to a slew of new sound design elements and a slug of musical cues from Wesley’s vault. It was FANTASTIC! I remember having…

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The Producer’s Report #141 – Entoforms
May 2011 21

Great things are happening!

Tom Hall is mixing a brand new exclusive Half Acre Day song for Project London and it is just one sweet tune. More about that later.

Ian Hubert, writer and director of Project London is teaching a …

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Director Update: 537 | Music To My Ears
May 2011 26

So we got a big treat in our inboxes: Half Acre Day’s original song for Project London, mixed by Tom Hall! The whole thing is just great. The lyrics are perfectly ambiguous/relevant, the melody is superfun, and the whole thing is as chock-full of hooks as a hungry Razortooth Trout. I don’t know when you’ll get to…

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