The Producer’s Report #142 – Wired UK!
Jul 2011 09

Thursday, I was able to snag a couple copies of the July issue of Wired UK! (You can get a copy at Bulldog News in the U-District if you’re local, or at Barnes & Noble.) We felt like Steve Martin’s character in the comedy movie, The Jerk” when the new phone books arrived, “Now we’re legit!”

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The Producer’s Report #143
Jul 2011 23

Well, I just finished up a meeting with Ian, Nate and Wesley. We reviewed a number of scenes that gave me goosebumps when I saw them for the first time with sound design and music. Our sound editors have been doing some amazing work lately, in particular, Trevor, with his waterphone is delivering stunning sounds for “Potential”. There are many people creating sounds to make the robot exosuits (see above) come to life…

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Director Update: 540 | Some very cool stuff happening this week!
Jul 2011 29

Last Sunday we all sat down with Half Acre Day to discuss the filming of the music video for the song they wrote for Project London, “Pythagoras Switch”. It’s a crazy fun song, and it looks like the music video’s gonna be awesome too! Mike McCoy and Javier…

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