Nov 2011 03

After years of people asking when the trailer was gonna be released, we slipped it out kinda quietly as part of the fundraising campaign—but there’s a lot of cool stuff going on in there.

Soren Laulainen is a good friend and has been one of the most helpful minds in regards to post for Project London. We did our second re-shoot and completely reworked the beginning because of him, and the film is massively more solid for it. He has the amazing ability to see a story, take it apart in his mind, and put it back together in a more powerful way—which made him amazing at editing the trailer. I don’t know if we asked him to make it, or if he offered, but the end result is pretty darn cool. Even moreso if you’ve seen the film, and know how much he’s recontextualizing the lines and shots to emphasize points.

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Interview: Brad Notman
Nov 2011 15

What is your name?
My Drivers License says it’s Bradley Alan Notman

How old are you and why?
According to previously mentioned Drivers License, and other nomenclature, I was born on January 20, 1962. So, if my abacus skills are correct, thats (clink clink clink…. clink) 49 years old. I am as old as the Space Needle.

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Nov 2011 15

Project London Blender Artist, Nathan Taylor, talks about his involvement with Project London and provides a detailed breakdown of a couple visual effects where he actually has a cameo in the movie. Very revealing. Very interesting. Very cool.

You can help us finish Project London by making a contribution and/or sharing this video and our

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Nov 2011 18

Half Acre Day is the band that never sleeps releasing a slew of beautiful songs in their Lunar Singles collection as well as creating an exclusive new song, Pythagoras Switch, for Project London.The song premiered at the recent Seattle Interactive Conference, Battle of the Geek Bands competition where Sir Mix-A-Lot, one of the celebrity judges, commented enthusiastically about the song and the band.

We’re sharing this bit of the song with you now in hopes that it will inspire you to help us finish the movie. We have two major hurdles to overcome—color correction and sound design and mixing. Our campaign is almost over and we haven’t hit our goal by a long shot. That said, we are undaunted. We will press on and we sure hope you will help us with a donation and/or sharing links to the campaign everywhere on Facebook and Twitter.

Point people here to check out the campaign:

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The Producer’s Report #149 – Thank’s For Your Support!
Nov 2011 30

To everyone who contributed to and supported our recent campaign:

On behalf of Nathan, Ian, the cast and crew, and myself, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support of Project London. We aren’t going to let the fact that we didn’t achieve our fundraising goal slow us down. We are going to press on and finish Project London as quickly as we can.

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