Gen Con Indy is just days away!
Aug 2013 10

The Gen Con Management and Operations Team is traveling this weekend to the show site. Gen Con Indy 2013 kicks off in just FOUR MORE DAYS! Hopefully you have your Gen Con passes and have signed up to see Project London so you can meet and talk with Jen Page (Xing Xing Fix) and Nate Taylor (Visual Effects Artist). Be sure to attend their Q&A session following the screening. They have an armload of goodies to giveaway including autographed disks, books, etc. If you want to purchase a copy of Project London, our friends at Indie Press Revolution (visit them at Facebook or website) will have a small quantity of disks on hand for sale.

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Project London Wins Best Feature Film
Aug 2013 20

Announced Sunday, August 18, Project London won the Best Feature Film award at the 2013 Gen Con Indy Film Festival. Actress Jen Page was there to receive the award from Chuck Budreau, Gen Con Indy Film Coordinator. It’s a great honor to receive this recognition from among the record breaking number of festival entries.

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Project London streamed for limited time.
Aug 2013 30

To celebrate the recent award Best Feature Film at the 2013 Gen Con Indy Film Festival, we streamed Project London for free from the official website on the 2013 Labor Day weekend. There were more than eight hundred plays of the movie that will eat your planet.

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