We Didn’t Ship Enough Product <br />to Gen Con!
Aug 2014 15

Oh my goodness! Our first day at Gen Con blew by and Project London DVDs, Blu-ray disks, Soundtrack albums and books have been selling like hotcakes from our booth #1361. It’s probably because Jen Page (Xing-Xing Fix) is in the booth signing autographs! Here at Project London Headquarters, we are scrambling to ship more disks to the con.

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Last Day to Get a copy of Project London at Gen Con
Aug 2014 16

What do we need right now? A montage. So that’s what we have. A montage featuring Jen Page (Xing-Xing Fix), Wil Wheaton (actor and geek) and Nick Kent (die hard Project London fan). And as Gen Con 2014 enters it’s last day, we thought you should know that as of this writing, there are only 32 DVDs and 34 Blu-ray disk packages left in the booth (#1361). Special show pricing is in effect while quantities last. The stock we shipped to the show sold out in the first day and a half. We shipped a bunch more copies of the movie overnight and have already burned through most of this new inventory. If you haven’t picked up your copy, you need to be like Wil Wheaton and get yours while there’s still a copy to get! And if Jen Page is there, I know she’ll be willing to sign it for you. Don’t wait to the last minute on this one. I think it’s likely we’ll run out of inventory before the con ends.

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