Visit our page on to contribute to our fundraising campaign. Thank you! The Project London Fundraising Campaign:​p/​44521?a=265711&i=shlk

You can also contribute by using the PayPal button on this page.

Why are we raising money? We currently have picture lock (all the visuals are in place including 774 visual effects!), but still need to finish the soundtrack and color correction. We didn’t realize how arduous and difficult it really is to make a feature length, sci-fi actioner. Now that we are close to the end, the last stretch to finish seems to be the most difficult in terms of volunteer time and real progress toward completion. We’ve faced all of our challenges and have overcome them, but now the main obstacle we face is that the producers can no longer reach into their own pockets to keep the movie going.

We want to finish this project to show it can be done. But more importantly, we want to give all the artists involved a chance to see their work finished and presented to a global audience. And we want to see the cycle repeat, with up and coming artists inspired by Project London to realize their own dreams.

How you can help: Make a contribution here or on our fundraiser page at And equally important, please share the link (above) on Facebook, your blog, and Twitter to help us spread the word. We really need your help getting the word out as far as it can go.

If you contribute $20 or more, we are going to add your name to the credits at the end of the movie.

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