The Team

Team_AndrewDavidEvansRead about Writer-Director, Ian Hubert and Executive Producers, Phil McCoy and Nathan McCoy.

Actor | Andrew David Evans brought a whole new dimension to what could have been a throwaway character, frequently stealing the scene with his fantastic delivery and adding a whole new level of entertainment to whatever scene he was in.

Team_BarryGreggDirector of Photography | Barry Gregg is an incredibly reliable and talented DP, and a driving force on any set. Barry was constantly addressing the most important question; “Ian, why aren’t we filming right now?” And then he defied the laws of nature. When it was overcast, he created a sunny day. When we needed a sunrise while facing west and past dusk, he aligned the heavens, calibrated his equipment and it was so. And after the twentieth day of principal photography, Barry rested.

Team_BransonAndersonActor and Graphic Novel Author | Branson Anderson, an overall talented artist, Branson was able to impart boatloads of character and emotion into the Jerry character without even having a visible face. He’s a very creative, optimistic human being, and an incredible writer/illustrator to boot.

Team_DolfVeenvlietBlender Artist | Dolf Veenvliet gave a 3D model of a zeppelin to Ian an eternity ago. To his delight, he got to see that model featured in Ideality. Dolf was then pleased when Ian brought him in as the lead designer, modeler, texturer, and rigger for the “Goose” (the aircraft flown by the protagonists). He also designed and completely created a CG missile and a sweet flying paddywagon.

Team_GeofferySimmonsActor | Geoffery Simmons almost single-handedly upholds the film’s energy through the middle of the film. The raw intensity and belief he poured into every scene really lifts the film up. His gung-ho, anything-is-possible attitude was infectious. Geoffery reports, “Working on Project London was a total blast and I am looking forward to filming the sequel!”

Team_HenryMarkActor | Henry Mark easily had the most dialogue-per-scene than any other actor in the film, and his charismatic offbeat delivery makes it engaging to watch. Even off the set, he’s an incredibly encouraging, professional person.

Blender Artist | Ian Wilmoth created the stunning floating restaurant featured prominently towards the end of the movie. It’s the most detailed model in the film,

Assistant Director, Production Manager, Post-production Supervisor | J.A. Forbes is just an amazing person. She performed the mind-numbing task of coordinating and scheduling the whole shoot, and that’s just the beginning. There are very few people who’s word I will take automatically at face value—J.A. Forbes is one of those few. The amount of work she’s performed on Project London over the years is incredible, I’m honored to have been able to work with her.

Team_JenPageActor | Jen Page has an all-consuming passion for film acting. She distinguished herself among other actors at the auditions with an amazing level of enthusiasm. She brought a depth to her character that just becomes more visible over the course of the film. Despite having one of the more exhaustive roles, she was always pleasant on set, and has remained an ongoing source of help as we work on the film’s distribution. Jen is open to exploring all genres but there is a special place in her heart for sci-fi/fantasy and action films. She is a bit of a bohemian/geek/artist/nonsensical/tough girl/gamer/fey who really digs pixels, mac&cheese, nerds, roller coasters, gaming, sci-fi/fantasy, music, and squirrels. But not necessarily in that order.

Team_JohnFantasiaActor | John Fantasia took the character of Chicago and added his own distinct flavor of charm, evil, and sophistication. Suave is the adjective of choice. But velvet hammer works, too!

Team_JoshTruaxActor | Josh Truax radiates humanity. He firmly roots what would otherwise be a pretty unrelatable story in a stable and believable performance. He was immensely reliable, and was constantly going above and beyond the demands of the role. He was always good natured, and a pleasure to work with, radiating a humility that smartly contrasted his immense skill.

Actor | Justin Tracy delivered powerful performances on set, but it wasn’t until editing the film that the true genius of Justin Tracy became apparent. Despite the film being shot out of order, his character’s descent into madness and obsession are both shockingly linear and at the same time relatable. His line delivery was always unexpected, and better than hoped for. He took the character and added a subtle vulnerability that elevates it.

Team_KyleKramerSupervising Sound Editor & Sound Re-recording Mixer| Kyle Kramer jumped into the middle of the Project London sound design process and never flinched at the daunting task that lay before him. From a whisper to a scream, Kyle makes sound work for the screen. He knows instinctively how to manage the delicate sound of thunder and reveal all it’s sonic detail so you feel it in your solar plexis. Needless to say, the movie has some big thumps in it.

Team_NateTaylorBlender Artist | Nathan Taylor created numerous models for the film, including the Joint Command exosuit and a massive five-story tankbot. He also helped by animating many shots scattered throughout the course of the film. He’s been with us the longest, being one of the first to start helping us in the beginning, and one of the final people finishing up effects at the end. His dedication and ever increasingly impressive animation skills have been a huge help.

Team_NathanVegdahlBlender Artist | Nathan Vegdahl joined the project because it represented the kind of thing he values: honest, independent film making. Nathan thinks big media will be around for a while, but thanks to the internet (doesn’t that sound cliche!) and increasing bandwidth, independent productions will get more chances to truly thrive on their own. Nathan did a majority of the impressive animation for the final battle, along with the fight choreography. He also rigged several of the more complicated models in the film, including Subject C and the Arizona exosuit.

Team_PaulSpoonerBlender Artist | Paul Spooner created Chicago’s vast floating command fleet, the front lot and lobby of the Joint Command building, the insanely intricate police lifter, and several other models pivotal to the plot of the movie. He modeled them with amazing speed and detail.

Production Designer | Robert Polteno had a massive order to deliver; all the props and set decorations for a sci-fi movie needed in a couple of weeks. He assembled props from anything he could get his hands on, and the resulting smorgasbord of invention adds a distinct visual flair to the final result. His professionalism, dedication and ability to pull through on such tight deadlines without much money amazed us all.

Team_WesleySloverSoundtrack Composer & Sound Re-recording Mixer | Wesley Slover brought an incredible mastery of sonic landscapes to the soundtrack. He delivered music that reached into sound design. And he edited sounds that turned into music. He augmented and lifted the overall cinematic experience with his original score elements along with songs from a diverse collection of artists. He also created the vocalization for the Jerry character, and played a huge role in organizing and coordinating the work of the sound design team with Kyle Kramer.

These are just a few of the more than two hundred and fifty people who have contributed their time and talent to the making of Project London.

Comments written by Ian Hubert with editing and additional comments by Phil McCoy.