The Characters

Self-reliant and more introspective than any moped-riding protagonist has any right to be, Nebraska Higgins (son of Arizona Higgins) goes through life doing more or less what he’s told. He works as a mechanic at the local Joint Command tower, and frequently babysits his friend’s brother. More ‘flight’ than ‘fight’, Nebraska never gave much thought to the London Underground’s shenanigans.

ARIZONA HIGGINS | Michael Donovan

As enigmatic as he is charismatic, Arizona is the leader of the London Underground. He controls the only giant robotic exo-suit not owned by Joint Command, and as such is the only one who can stand in the way of their near-omnipotent will. Some say he’s old enough to have been born back on the Nalardian home world, while others say he’s just a family man, trying to do what he thinks is right in a world gone topsy-turvy. He started the London Underground with Jerry a few years back, and they’ve been gaining members ever since.


Young and enthusiastic (and with striking blue hair), Xing Xing is in charge of all London Underground communications. She spends many of her waking hours communicating with London Underground cells in other cities, and creating anti-Joint Command propaganda. She provides the London Underground with much of it’s heart, as everyone has a tendency to get a bit TOTALLY INTENSE ALL THE TIME.

BENIN BELABORA | Geoffery Simmons

An intense, muscular, new recruit to the London Underground, Benin used to be the Lead Investigator for the Joint Command, until his investigations lead him to discover the altruistic truth behind the London Underground’s actions—at which point he quit Joint Command and became Arizona’s second in command. He has a good head for strategy, and a better head for being intense at all possible moments.

JERRY | Branson Anderson

Wrapped in leather and cloth from head to toe, Jerry is the fearsome muscle behind the London Underground leadership. He’s incredibly strong and quick, throwing himself into fights with reckless abandon and physical indifference. Truly a force to be reckoned with! He’s never been heard to speak from behind his ever-present gas mask, but many have reported that he has a possible kindheartedness beneath his fierce exterior. Also, his gun is massive.

CHICAGO | John Fantasia

Appointed Joint Command’s Minister of Defense in the late twentieth century, Chicago has become the face of Joint Command’s global dominance. Never lingering long in one place, Chicago is constantly moving around the world in his massive airborne defense fleet. Legendary for his interrogation tactics and all-or-nothing battle strategies, nothing changes the status-quo like having Chicago enter the scene.

DOMINIK and NIKOLA | Justin Tracy and

Andrew David Evans

Dominik and Nikola are a Joint Command team of Investigators, specially trained to track down and detain particularly elusive criminals. Their current subject of investigation is the London Underground, and they’re ever closer on the trail. Dominik grew up in the Joint Command training system, and this is his first major case after being quickly promoted by Chicago himself to fill the hole left by Benin Belabora after his dramatic departure from Joint Command. He’s also trying to show the ropes to rookie Nikola, whose lack of experience is more than made up for in enthusiasm.

CANADA | Henry Mark

A Nalardian living in the old city under Pioneer Square, Canada is a wearer of many hats. He serves first and foremost as an apothecary, selling a wide variety of supplements to Nalardians and humans alike, but also dabbles in the darker sciences. A known London Underground sympathizer, he frequently chronicles their adventures in amateur film-reels. If there’s one man who knows the whole story, it’s Canada.

THE RICHARDS | Wayne Bastrup and Jeannine Clarke

The Richards are an eclectic duo who live in the outer reaches of Woodinville. They’re good friends of the London Underground, but generally stay on the sidelines, preferring rummage sales to fighting the evil superpowers. Their home often serves as a safe house and a place to regroup and debrief after a London Underground Cell runs a mission.

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Copywriter: Ian Hubert
Photography: Marc Studer, except photo of Michael Donovan by Ian Hubert