Now you can get the songs you heard in the movie with a quick visit to iTunes or for the deluxe version (with 4 bonus tracks!) on CD or digital download, visit the Project London store. This collection of songs delivers a full wallop of neo-classic-rock, back-porch-pop, dream pop/shoegaze, ambient, electronic, dubstep, some seriously big beats and bitchin’ guitars plus select soundbites from the movie. The artists involved are amazing. It’s no wonder that this music will eat your planet. Here’s the track list.

  1. Bad Bad (Feat. Josh Truax, Jen Page, & Geoffery Simmons) ~ Wesley Slover (2:00)
  2. Pythagoras Switch ~  Half Acre Day (3:28)
  3. Scared of the Dark ~ Fitzsimon & Brogan (2:57)
  4. Multiply (Lunar Singles Mix) ~ Half Acre Day (3:02)
  5. The Underground (Featuring Justin Tracy and Josh Truax) ~ Wesley Slover (5:29)
  6. Machine Is My Animal ~ City of Satellites (7:25)
  7. The Canyon ~ Umpire (5:18)
  8. Nebraska ~ Wesley Slover (3:23)
  9. Astronauts ~ Half Acre Day (4:45)
  10. Joint Command ~ Wesley Slover (1:57)
  11. Anemones ~ Half Acre Day (4:05)
    ~ bonus tracks (available on the Deluxe version only) ~
  12. Landmines ~ Heliocentric (3:17)
  13. Multiply (Project London Mix) ~ Half Acre Day (3:00)
  14. Tell Me ~ The Prawns (1:56)
  15. Wave The Planet Goodbye ~ Soren Laulainen (2:16)

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The Project London Soundtrack Album
Produced by: Phil McCoy
Mastered by: Ross Nyberg