This is pretty much the Cast + Crew credits for Project London. This page formed the basis for the actual credit roll that appears in the movie; and we think that credit roll is slightly more accurate. If you discover an error, please let us know (dirt at projectlondonmovie dot com).

Last Updated: 6 July 2012

Note to extras: You may or may not actually be seen in the film. You’ve no doubt heard how these things go with shot selection, framing, etc. You may end up on the cutting room floor. Nevertheless, you will see your credit whether you see yourself on the screen or not.


The McCoy Brothers present

an Ian Hubert film


Ian Hubert
Writer Director

Phil McCoy
Executive Producer

Nathan McCoy
Executive Producer

Josh Truax
Jen Page
Geoffery Simmons
and introducing Branson Anderson

Project London (logo)
Available exclusively at

Also Starring
Justin Tracy
John Fantasia
Andrew David Evans
Henry Mark

Barry Gregg
Director of Photography

J.A. Forbes
Production Manager, 1st Assistant Director, Post-production Supervisor

Robert Polteno
Production Designer

Core VFX Team
Ian Hubert, Visual Effects Supervisor, LeadCompositor, Blender Artist
Dolf Veenvliet, Blender Artist
Ian Wilmoth, BlenderArtist
Nathan Taylor,Blender Artist
Nathan Vegdahl, Blender Artist
Paul Spooner,Blender Artist

Ian Hubert

Wesley Slover
Original Score

With Songs By
Half Acre Day
City of Satellites
Fitzsimon & Brogan
The Prawns

Kelly McCoy
Casting Director

Heather Canik
Script Supervisor

Sunshine Whitton
Stunt Coordinator
Dianna Westall
2nd Assistant Director

Camera Department
Dion LaBlue, Assistant Camera
Anthony Tomes, Gaffer
Mike Roe, Key Grip
Michael McCoy, Slate Boy

Kyle Kramer
Supervising Sound Editor

Core Sound Editing Team:

Re-recording Mixers:
Kyle Kramer,
Wesley Slover

Sound Editors:
Brendan Hogan
Coby Taitano
Cooper Eaton
Daniel Allen Andrews
Ed Walker
Ian Hubert
Jesse Stuart
Kyle Kramer
Terrence Poole
Tim McCann
Trevor Dutton
Wesley Slover
Contributing Sound Designers:
Andy Horvitch
Brad Notman
Brett Durnell
Brian Olson
Bryan Hubert
David Gregory
Greg Hall
Jeff Blackburn
Matt Broadfoot
Michael Martz
Pablo Correa
Paul Miller
Paul Spooner
Scott Hampson

Production Sound
Mark Renstrom, Production Sound Mixer
Ed Walker, Boom Operator
Diana Westall, Boom Operator
Kyle Born, Boom Operator

Additional Sound Editing Support
Arnold Buhman
Brian Olson
Jose Sobrinho
Laura Edenfield
Leyland Radholm
Michael Hayes
Michael Meyer
Scott Shafer
Sean Anderson
Simon Jeker
Topher Farrell
Kisa Johnson, Lead Costume Designer
Jennifer Alexander, Costume Designer
Preesa Bullington, Costume Designer
Misha Huntting, Wardrobe Assistant

Hair and Makeup
Bethany Jones, Lead Makeup Artist
Sarah Jones, Makeup Artist
Jen Page, Xing Xing Fix Hair and Makeup
Amanda Caroné, Makeup Artist
Ria Shannon, Makeup Artist
Graci Hanson, Makeup Artist
Misha Huntting, Special FX Makeup
Barb Kaufer, Alien Eye Specialist

Barry Gregg

Art Department
Mark Damiano, Project London Logo Designer
Tony Goedde, Joint Command Logo Designer
Ian Hubert, London Underground Logo Designer
Alyce Woods, Public Medical and Potential Scans Posters
Branson Anderson, Movie Poster

Mike Roe

Marc Studer
Production Stills and Promotional Photography

Location Management
Tamara Valjean, Manager
Cory Sandahl, Location Scout
Sunshine Whitton, Location Scout
Chun-Yu Chang, Location Scout

Cast (in order of appearance)

Steve Rimpici, Oma
MichaelDonovan, Arizona
Jen Page, Xing-Xing Fix
Greg Turcott, Information Officer 1
John Fantasia,Chicago
Josh Truax, Nebraska Higgins
Bryan Hanner, Christopher
Aaron Key, Arresting Officer
Anton Urban, Joint Command Officer 1
Cesar Garcia, Information Officer 2
Kevin McCoy, Joint Command Officer 2
Danny Wallulis, Front of House Mixer
The Prawns, The Prawns
Buddy Bourne, Joint Command Officer 3
Tyler Fisk, Joint Command Officer 4
Justin Tracy, Dominik
Geoffery Simmons, Benin Belabora
Branson Anderson, Jerry
Wesley Slover, Voice of Jerry
Andrew David Evans, Nikola
Henry Mark, Canada
Wayne Bastrup, Mr. Richards
Jeannine Clarke, Mrs. Richards
Randy Hilfman, Chief Tactical Officer 12
Jim Lee, Joint Command Officer 13
Norman Newkirk, TV News Reader
Tyler “Space Laser” Goulet, Valet
Captain Doug Pine, Captain Doug Pine

Appearing in Deleted Scenes:
Donald A. Reid, Dr.Pitsburg
Kelly McCoy, Shannon
Roberta Roshau, Nurse Ratchet

Associate Producers
Kathy Pine
Brad Cathey

Characters and Assets Created with Blender

Joint Command Tower
Design, Modeling, Texturing by Ian Hubert

Arizona Exosuit
Design, Modeling, Texturing by Ian Hubert
Rigging by Nathan Vegdahl
Cockpit Design, Modeling by Paul Spooner

RedJoint Command Exosuit
Design, Modeling, Rigging by Nathan Taylor

Design, Modeling, Texturing by Ian Hubert

Police Lifter
Design, Modeling, Rigging by Paul Spooner
Texturing by Ian Hubert

Design, Modeling, Rigging by Dolf Veenvliet
Texturing by Ian Hubert

The Goose
Design, Modeling, Texturing, Rigging by Dolf Veenvliet
Engine Design, Modeling by Ian Hubert

Joint Command Front Lot, Landing Pads and Lobby
Design, Modeling, Texturing by Paul Spooner

Design, Modeling, Rigging by Nathan Taylor

Joint Command Lifter Fleet
Design, Modeling, Texturing by Paul Spooner

Icaria’s Flying Restaurant Exterior
Design, Modeling by Ian Wilmoth
Texturing by Ian Hubert

Cargo Lifter
Design, Modeling, Texturing by Paul Spooner
Texturing by Ian Hubert

Beam Satellite
Design, Modeling by Paul Spooner
Texturing by Ian Hubert

Dominik’s Lifter
Design, Modeling by Ian Wilmoth
Rigging by Nathan Vegdahl
Texturing by Ian Hubert

Slab (The Project London Tower)
Design by Ian Hubert
Modeling, Texturing by Paul Spooner

Subject C
Concept by Branson Anderson
Design, Modeling by Nathan Taylor
Rigging by Nathan Vegdahl
Sutbject C Eye Design, Modeling, Rigging by Paul Spooner

“Arizona Adventures” Opening Animation (not included in the current cut of the movie)
Visuals by Ian Hubert
Dialogue recorded by Justin Faylona

More Credits!

Nebraska Arrested on Security Camera
Tony Goedde, Joint Command Officer
Linda James, Joint Command Officer

Dr. Pitsburg’s Office
James Cookson, Patient
Tamara Valjean, Nurse

Inner-City Moped Fun
Ian Hubert, VFX Billboards and Signs
Ryan Philip Sommars, Atmosphere Across the Street
Tony Calderon, Atmosphere Across the Street

Joint Command Check Point
Kisa Johnson, Crossing Guard
Heather Canik, Crossing Guard
Preesa Bullington, Pedestrian

Benny’s Fuel and Repair
Ian Hubert; Design, Modeling and Texturing

Construction Exosuit
Ian Hubert; Design, Modeling and Texturing

T-S8 Spiderhawk
Ian Hubert; Design, Modeling and Texturing

Arizona Exosuit
Ian Hubert, Animator

Red Joint Command Exosuit
Mike Belanger, Animator
Nathan Taylor, Animator
Ian Hubert, Animator

Ian Hubert, Animator

Police Lifter
Ian Hubert, Animator

Nebraska Arrested
Matthew Dedlick, Joint Command Officer
John Murphy, Joint Command Officer
Aaron Key, Joint Command Officer
Barry Porter, Joint Command Officer

Joint Command Detention Center
Heidi Anderson, Extra Attorney
John Keane, Annoyed Extra
Anton Urban, Joint Command Officer
Joel Urban, Joint Command Officer
Kevin McCoy, Joint Command Officer
Michael McCoy, Phlegmaster
Heather Canik, Extra
Tifani VanDenBerg, Extra

Hospital (interior)
Roberta Roshau, Nurse
Curtis Hanner, Doctor
Jeff Dullum, Hall Walker
Preesa Bullington, Extra
Kisa Johnson, Extra
Conrad Lihilihi, Bloody Dr. of Lament

Western Palm
Scott Hampson, The Prawns, Vox & Guitar
Jeff Valluzzi, The Prawns,Drums
Alan Su, The Prawns, Bass
Janssen Solberg, The Prawns, Guitar
Danny Wallulis, Front of House Mixer
Branson Anderson, Helpful Dude
Buddy Bourne, Joint Command Officer
Tyler Fisk, Joint Command Officer
Mark Smith, Lance
Jordan Schmidt, Irene
Bill Kristian; Zanzibar, the coffee drinking concert lover
Anthony Andrus, Extra
James Reed, Extra
Jonathan McConnell, Extra
Kajori Ahmed, Extra
Calie Ramisch, Extra
Julianna Safstrom, Extra
Christina Estvold, Extra
Samuel Stripes, Extra
Brennen Williams, Extra
Sara Moloney, Extra
Emily Pietrowski, Extra
Katherine Bourne, Extra
Rachael Latschaw, Extra
Kelly Graue, Extra
Jessica Chan, Extra

Tankship Chase
Isaac Oquist; Design, Modeling, Texturing

Outside London Underground Hideout
Phil Rogan, Rotoscoper

Nalardian District
Rhialto the Magnificent, Merchant
Buck Stone, Merchant
Kevin McCoy, Pedestrian
Joel Urban, Pedestrian

Canada’s Historical Archive Films
(Tracy) Yee Ming Leong, Slides
Ian Hubert, Animated Sequences
Talon Bigelow, Mysterious Doctor
Michael McCoy, Mysterious Doctor

Scene of Ultimate Chaos:
Ami McCuaig
Anthony Tomes
Bethany Jones
Claudia Baker
Ed Walker
Heather Canik
Ian Hubert
J.A. Forbes
Kisa Johnson
Kyle Born
Michael McCoy
Mike Roe
Nathan McCoy
Robert Polteno
Robyn Verhey
Talon Bigelow

The Richards Home
Ian Hubert, Animator: The Goose, Paddy Wagon, Police Lifters
Eric Miller, Joint Command Officer
Jeff Koon, Joint Command Officer
James Hatch, Joint Command Officer

The Phone Booth (deleted scene)
Josh Myers, Dying Bum

Joint Command Operations Center
Ian Hubert, Rotoscoping and Graphics
Randy Hilfman, Chief Tactical Officer
John Krah, Joint Command Officer
Karen McCoy, Tactical Officer

Pole Sitting
Ian Hubert; Pole Design, Modeling, Texturing

Escape from Joint Command
Michael Gallon, Rotoscoper
Boulderwake Animated by Ian Hubert
Tankbot Animated by Nathan Taylor
Red Joint Command Exosuit Animated by Nathan Taylor
The Goose Animated by Ian Hubert and Peter Kovacs
Jim Lee, Joint Command Officer
Michael Pizzo, Joint Command Officer
Robert Polteno, Joint Command Officer
Flight Over and Under Seattle
The Goose and Police Lifter
Ian Hubert, Animator

Ian Hubert; Design, Modeling, Texturing

Joint Command Lifter Fleet
Ian Hubert, Animator

Hospital (exterior) (deleted scene)
Conner Murphy, Patient
Cameron Murphy, Patient
Darla Lorenzen, Nurse
Mike Roe, Extra
Ami Mccuaig, Extra
Claudia Baker, Patient

Bus Stop
Nathan Taylor, The Goose Animator
Branson Anderson, Extra
Dave Beresford, Extra
Heather Kirnak, Extra
Kyri McCoy, Extra
Kali McCoy, Extra
Michelle Pizzo, Yo-yo Girl
Talon Bigelow, Ukulele Player

Icaria’s Floating Restaurant
Ian Hubert, The Goose Animator
Ian Hubert; Parking Garage Design, Modeling, Texturing
Ian Hubert, Slab Animator
Jean-Sebastien Guillemette, The Classy Lifter Modeling
Ian Hubert, The Classy Lifter Texturing
Captain Doug Pine, Captain Doug Pine
Tyler “Space Laser” Goulet, Valet
Mike Roe, Valet
Bryan “Sticks” Hubert, The Monte Cristo 5
Bob “Stretch” Bronson, The Monte Cristo 5
Walt “Bones” Derke, The Monte Cristo 5
Nathan “Keys” McCoy, The Monte Cristo 5
Heather Johnson, Extra
Jesse Braxton, Extra
Elena Exum, Extra
Joshua Parker, Extra
Michelle Allen, Extra
Micah Wiseman, Extra
Joseph Wagner, Extra
Derek Bickel, Extra
Lara Bickel, Extra
Jesse Burke, Extra
Caitlin Burke, Extra
Stephanie Smith, Extra
Ashli Black, Extra
George Sutphin, Extra
Rocky Ogden, Extra
Ardie Ogden, Extra
Jason Anderson, Tiny Dancer
Cherie Anderson, Extra
Jake Anderson, Extra
Kayli Smith, Extra
Carroll Brown, Extra
Kathy Dullum, Snide Patron
Mary Boehme, Kind Friend of Snide Patron
Cherri Brown, Extra
Terri Ruppert, Extra
Craig Altmaier, Extra
Ray Ruppert, Extra
Alicia Corey, Extra
Daniel Norkool, Extra
April Norkool, Extra
Paullette Norman, Extra
Damon Hale, Extra
Eleanor Leight, Extra
Kerri Schulte, Extra
Randy Norman, Extra
R. Ethan Yarbrough, Extra
Erika Dehm, Extra
Darren Keegan, Extra
Nancy Price, Extra
Ralene Schilt, Extra
Kim Halverson, Extra
Mary Halverson, Extra
J’nene Goss, Extra
Bill Kusler, Extra
Claude McCoy, Extra
Kali McCoy,Tiny Dancer
Bethany Jones, Extra
Heather Canik, Extra
Kisa Johnson, Extra and Lead Swing Dance Coach
Preesa Bullington, Extra
Ami Mccuaig, Extra
Tamara Valjean, Extra
Jessica Chan, Extra
Danny Wallulis, Extra
Bill Kristian; Fu Kwan, the awesome swing dancer

Final Epic Battle
SubjectC, Arizona Exosuit
Nathan Vegdahl, Animator
Nathan Taylor,Animator
Ian Hubert, Animator

Background Plate Photography Unit
Ian Hubert
Phil McCoy
Nathan McCoy

Dolf Veenvliet, Design, Modeling, Texturing

Branson Anderson, Subject D

“Arizona Adventures” Closing Animation
Visuals by Ian Hubert
Dialogue recorded by Justin Faylona

Ian Hubert, Design and Creation

Script Consultants
Bruce Bailey
Robert F. Scott
Soren Laulainen
Phil Rogan
Kelly Roestel
Blender Render Cluster Engineer

Post-production Technical Consultants
Scott Gwin
Dion LaBlue

Nathaniel Oquist
Technical Advisor, Weapons

Production Assistants
Ami McCuaig
Ben Wheeler
Camille Hansen
Chase Golka
Claudia Baker
Conrad Lihilihi
Dylan Reynolds
James Cookson
Jessica Chan
Kyle Born
Mike Blanchard
Roberta Roshau-Jauregui
Talon Bigelow
Tifani Vandenberg

2nd Unit Crew
Dave Hutchinson, 1st AC (Day 23)
Michael Gonya, Camera Assistant (Day 22)
Brien Houston, Grip (Day 22)
Nathaniel Peirson, Grip (Day 22 and 23)
Michael Hayes, Sound (Day 23)
Brad Notman, Sound (Day 24)

Additional Still Photography
Barry Gregg
Heather Canik
Curtis Hanner
Lauren Gregg
Ryan Printz
Misha Huntting
Michael Gonya
Bethany Jones
Mike Sires

Backlog Analyst
Mark Reay

Scott Hampson
El Camino Wrangler

Chicken Wranglers
Kyri McCoy
Kali McCoy
Laurie Coddington-McCoy
Nathan McCoy

Craft Services
Barb McCoy
Charla Grenz
Cindy Ketler
Cory Sandahl
Jenny Printz
Kathy Dullum
Kirsten Lewis
Lori Read
Paula Coles


Subject C
Written and Performed by Wesley Slover

The London Underground
Written and Performed by Wesley Slover

Arizona Exosuit
Written and Performed by Wesley Slover

Joint Command
Written by Wesley Slover
Performed by Wesley Slover and Scott Burnett

Tell Me
Written by Alan Su, Jeff Valuzzi, Janssen Solberg, Scott Hampson
Performed by The Prawns

Ambient Underscore
Written and Performed by Wesley Slover

El Camino Tankship Chase
Written and Performed by Scott Burnett and Wesley Slover

Written by Matt Kristiansen and Half Acre Day
Performed by Half Acre Day

Canada’s Music
Written and Performed by Wesley Slover

Written and Performed by Wesley Slover

S.S. Stewart
Written by Martin Ballew, Matt Kristiansen and Half Acre Day
Performed by Half Acre Day

Sad Song
Written and Performed by Scott Burnett and Wesley Slover

Symphony No.4 in A Major, Op.90 ‘Italian’:
I. Allegro Vivace – Più Animato
By Felix Mendelssohn

Written by Matt Kristiansen and Half Acre Day
Performed by Half Acre Day

The Plan
Written and Performed by Wesley Slover

Written and Performed by Wesley Slover

Scared of the Dark (Not sure if that’s the right title)
Music and Lyrics by Neil Fitzsimon
Performed by Fitzsimon and Brogan

Machine is My Animal
Written by Jarrod Manuel and Thomas Diakomichalis
Performed by City of Satellites

Written by Matt Kristiansen and Half Acre Day
Performed by Half Acre Day

Pythagoras Switch
Written by Matt Kristiansen and Half Acre Day
Performed by Half Acre Day

The Marketing Team

Ken Jager, Media Relations
Marc Studer, Photography
Charla Grenz Solheim, Copywriter
Jeff Valuzzi, Copywriter

Special Thanks


Detonation Films, Inc.
Bob Forward provided source elements for many of our visual effects.

University Presbyterian Church
We appreciated your hospitality and help while recording a ton of the music, foley and sound effects for Project London.

Project London Patrons
Andrew Boulton
Barry Gregg
Bradley Cathey
Caitlin Walker
Carl Hempel
Christopher Grebs
Claudia Krummenacher
Claus Müller
Colin Levy
Colleen Eccleston
Conrad Kurrle
Dave Hinman
David Nielsen
David Wagner
Elizabeth Rose Osburn-Garrote
Eric Bilodeau
George V. Reilly
Gordon D. Duke
Ian Panzer
Impossible 3D
J.C. Hutchins
Jacques DUFLOS
Jeffrey David Blackburn
Joris Nivelle
Julian Rüger
Kevin Slover
Leah Forbes
Mark Oleson
Marie-Theres Wandl
Nathan McCoy
Nathan Taylor
Nicholas Bishop
Paul Crampton
Penny Espinoza
Petur Olsen
Randy Hilfman
Ray Romey
S J Bennett
Sean Manear

Friends of the Film
The Producers would like to thank the following for their generous support during production and post-production.
The Blender Institute, FEDB, Guru Kirthigavasan, Andy Gavlinski, Barry Vail, Richard Kim, Jim Lee, Anton Urban, Mike Palacio, Clatter & Din, Niki Biefnes, Tifani VanDenBerg, The Pacific Maritime Institute, Soup Daddy’s (Karl & Diane), The Allenmore Hospital, Whitney Poole, Jared Segebartt, Jim Adams, Dick Schweiter, Gary Crawford, The Lyon’s Den, Richard Vaughn, Carolyn Reddy, Robert Slattery, Future of Flight Aviation Center, Jön and Johanna Johnson, Andrew Bellware, Nathan Letwory,,, Nicole Kraft, Marty Schinker, Angie Corwin, Zack Donnel, Brittany Jones, Lisa Fruichante, Melanie Peterson, Vince Lopardo, Bob Forward,
Parker Whittle, Jay Parker, Rick Tillman, James Wilson, Aaron Moore, Ryan Taggert, Eric Morgret, Kevin Smith, Nickolas Denke, Dan Monaghan, Jason Devore

Thank You
Andreas Rieger
Andrew Girdwood
Asher J. Klassen
Balazs Szabo
Bill Barnard
Christopher Jon Taylor
Daniel Papke
David Savard
Davide Carini
Dirk Langner
Doug & Lori Wheeler
Florian Köberle
Fredrik Hallenberg
Graham Hall
Hans Ramduth
Jarl Arntzen
Jason McGillivray
Jean-Sebastien Guillemette
Karel De Bruijn
Lance Lloyd
Leszek Muzyka
Nabil Stendardo
Nelson Goncalves
Nikolardo Flamingo
Oscar Moreno Fosado
Rob Scott
Robert Kovacsics
Roby Gamboa
Ron Meneses

Dick’s Drive-In Plug
Your burgers fuel our creativity.

Ian’s favorite order: Deluxe, Fries, Chocolate Shake. No question. De. Licious.
Nate’s favorite order: Deluxe, Fries, Chocolate Shake.
Phil’s favorite order: Two Cheeseburgers, Two Fries, Chocolate Shake.

Several images have been included in the film courtesy of Earth Sciences and Image Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson
Space Center.

Special thanks to ION Audio and their amazing iPA03 P.A. system, which made it
possible for the cast & crew to dock their iPod.

Project Manhattan Plug
Graphic Novel Plug

Thecharacters and events depicted in this photoplay are fictitious. Any
similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Creative Commons License

Copyright © 2012 Spiral Productions LLC.

Spiral Productions LLC is the author of this motion picture for purposes of the Berne
Convention and all national laws giving effect thereto.

Thismotion picture is protected under the laws of the United States and
other countries. Unauthorized duplication, distribution, or exhibition
will result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.

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