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Why should you be interested in our film?

Because we have panache.

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Electronic Press Kits

Need some information and artwork for a story about Project London? Production Stills, Screen Captures, Logos & More! (Asset key included in kits with more than one graphic.)

Project London Press Kit (21Mb, updated 11/22/14)

Project London Graphics Collection (60Mb, 5/26/13)

Disks For Sale + First 90 Seconds (EPK-8, 30Kb, 6/5/13)
Kickstarter Campaign Press Kit (EPK-7, 3.35Mb, 12/4/12)
San Diego Comic Con Sneak Peek (EPK-6, 95Kb, 7/6/12)
Pythagoras Switch Music Video (EPK-5, 24.6Kb, unused)
Indiegogo Campaign Pressk Kit (EPK-4, 8.5Mb, 10/16/11)
Project London Sneak Peek (EPK-3, 5.5Mb, 9/19/11)
Prequel Novella and Graphic Novel (EPK-2, 13Mb, 6/17/11)
Project London Coming Soon (EPK-1, 72Mb, 3/29/10)

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