Indie Talks Podcast with Ian, Jen, and Phil
Dec 2012 12

Long time friend of Project London, Ben Gerber of Troll in the Corner fame reached out to us to do a podcast and wham, bam, here it is!

Ben introduces his audience to Project London, which you know is a feature-length, science-fiction, action-adventure movie with 774 visual effects made by over 250 volunteers. He’s also blogged about the movie and yesterday, sat down with Ian, writer and director, Phil, executive producer, film maker and all around mastermind and Jen , a principle actor playing Xing Xing Fix.

Ben talks about actually creating the movie, the technology that went into the movie, auditioning, Creative Commons, the passion that goes into a volunteer project, 774 freaking visual effects shots, and of course, who’s going to sing at the end of the podcast. Also Half Acre Day who did some amazing music for the film, swampy green hair and the future of the future with Project London! Check it out!

Dec 2012 09

This is a Project London behind the scenes featurette! It details how we brought The Goose, the featured lifter in the movie, to life. The Goose started out as a Vietnam War era Choctaw Helicopter that we shot in a hanger at Paine Field (Everett, WA). But that was only the beginning because we had to remove all evidence that it was a helicopter and turn it into a proper lifter for the Alien + Earthling world of Project London. As a combined digital and practical set item, we are very proud of the work done to create this very central item of the narrative. What do you think?

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