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Branson Anderson has created a graphic novel based on Ian Hubert’s screenplay for Project London. Branson was given freedom and license by The Triumvirate to realign the Project London story into a new experience for the printed page. The result is a completely re-imagined and much darker exploration of this epic story.

“I am so glad this graphic novel exists! Branson Anderson is a master of subtlety, but also knows when to bring out the big guns. It’s a story full of excitement, fun, and humanity from cover to cover.” —Ian Hubert

“I love that it is not a scene for scene replay of the movie. As a graphic novel fan, I don’t find much use for books that are frame-by-frame visualizations of a movie. Branson’s novel will be familiar and yet different and very fun. I was blown away. I have goosebumps.” —Nathan McCoy

“The Movie will eat your planet; the Graphic Novel is going to rip your face off.” —Phil McCoy

Branson Anderson is a multidimensional artist currently studying at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington USA. His contribution to Project London also includes acting in the film as Jerry; an unusual character who never speaks, wears a gas mask all the time, and frequently jumps from deadly heights for no reason. On day 5 of production, we were on location near a giant radio tower in Snohomish County, Washington. Between takes, Phil McCoy noticed Branson doodling in his sketch book. The images he created of other cast and crew members were evocative and inspired Phil to talk with him about a graphic novel after post-production had started. Branson responded with gusto.

“The graphic novel is this really exciting opportunity to re-imagine the intensity and quirkiness of the Project London universe from a completely different angle. I’m simply having a blast. I’m drawing from all kinds of inspiration and exploring a wide variety of media and techniques, all in an effort to bring a uniquely engaging and creatively intelligent experience to the page.” —Branson Anderson